Le Petit Prince - Colorkeys

No jokes in this post, sorry.
This is work I did for a '4D' ride movie (aka 3d glasses + tilting seats in theme parks)
For the clockwork images I used a lowpoly layout reference


E.T. 2010

When I was 7 my dad took me to see E.T.

now that my own son is 7, it was time for a similar viewing

and so...

but 2 days later...


Full Option

Why do i see these things only in limousines but not in familycars?



Pet Rabbits

You'd think they would be gratefull if you'd make an idyllic pen for them, right?

Wrong! The little bugger escaped!
Poor thing, she is probably starving in a ditch right now

Or worse!

Before getting a new rabbit, I upgraded the pen a bit:

Ah! Finally the gratefull respect I demand!


A very peculiar guest...

We went to a huge techno festival last weekend.
a perfect time to see funny characters.
(for the US readers: ravers over here do not dress like this , but rather normal (altho sweaty)
Any weirdos stick out quickly!

this guy had a rubber skull mask on and was working his way through the crowds with a
strange object behind his back: a purple dildo!

he'd sneak up to a group of dancing girls, rub the dildo over their backs
and scare the shit out of them. Then he'd continue to the next group of girls.
The scoundrel!

luckily for him he didn't try that to my wife, she would have reacted fiercly!

later that evening we saw him back, his mates got him wear an extra afro-wig
and he was using the dildo as a rhythm stick.

around 23.00 they shot the fireworks and I enjoyed with a dozen of other men
some 'synchronized-drunk-peeing-and-fireworks-watching'

We are totally going back next year!


My 1st Suit

we went out to buy a proper one for my sister-in-law's wedding this saturday.
oh boy.

btw its too hot to draw properly. these will have to do.

yes, he really had a whrist pincushion and a meter around his neck!

they made me wear the pointiest dress shoes EVER to test trouser lenght.
I felt like a total douche.

this elderly lady came with her husand but was checking out all of us other men.
She looked like a kid in a candystore.

they only sold 'italian cut' suits. so much for my dream of 60s cool I saw on MadMen!

all good in the end tho. LET'S DANCE!

motherfucking moonwalk / vogue combo in the house, hell yeah!